All About Mild Scoliosis

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine and can be coming from your childhood, and mild scoliosis in adults exercises can be of big help in alleviating your situation, if you have this problem already. The natural curve of your spine will position your head over your pelvis and this will be the shock absorber that will distribute the weight stress during body movement. If you are diagnosed to have mild scoliosis when you are already an adult, you will have a different kind of treatment made. Scoliosis diagnosed during childhood is distinct from those in adults because skeletal maturity is already reached.

Treating Scoliosis in Adults

When scoliosis is suspected by your doctor, and physical and medical examinations have already made initial confirmation, he may still do radiological tests to do final confirmation. X-ray tests may also be done once in every 5 years, to check on the developments and know if healing was achieved after treatments are made. A part of this treatment process can be mild scoliosis in adults exercises, when only mild scoliosis is diagnosed as the problem. The doctor may evaluate and recommend non-surgical treatment options because the diagnosis is only mild scoliosis and the surgical option is not recommended.

Exercises Can Help Strengthen the Body and Provide Relief from Scoliosis

In mild scoliosis, exercises can be the great help needed and it can also strengthen the body and provide relief, giving maximum benefits to the patient.

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One kind of exercise that can help is the lying hamstring stretch where lying on your back is done and one leg is up. Place your hands behind the thigh and the other thigh is held in a perpendicular position on the floor. This position is held for 30 seconds.

The back extension is a kind of exercise that will make the lower back strong. This is done with your stomach on a stability ball and your knees on the mat. Fall forward over the ball and hold for 5 seconds. Do this 10 times.

Another exercise is leaning on a bench or stability ball and with one hand; you need to hold a light dumbbell. While in this position, you can make a rowing movement and do the same thing also with your other hand.

Stability ball exercises are those that you need for this problem. While your stomach is on the stability ball, you can move your hands and legs upward and alternately also.

The mild scoliosis in adults’ exercises that you do will be of great help in the treatment of your medical condition. These are the painless exercises you can do and can also be the simplest that can be done without much stress.

Mild scoliosis in adults exercises are usually those recommended by doctors when the diagnosis done will not call for a surgery in order to treat the medical problem. There can actually be no cure for this problem and mild exercises are done simply to alleviate its effects.
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